Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 26, 2015


The darkness is distracting
It calls to me
Whispers my name
Covers me in black silk

The darkness in my mind
Threatens to take over
Promises to never leave me
To never cause me pain

I glance over my shoulder
I see a bright light
It’s blinding
It’s warm

I hear a familiar voice
One that promises to never leave me
To always hold my hand
One that offers never ending love

I waiver…love is for fools
My heart is shredded
My tears have formed rivers
I have nothing more to give

The darkness promises me
No more pain
No more being alone
No more tears

The bright light offers me

I am on the edge
Closing my eyes
I fall
Who will catch me

Copyright © 2015, Elisabeth Abbott

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 23, 2015

Game Graphics

I’m sitting at my desk and glance up at the TV as my daughter plays PlayStation Battle Arena Toshinden3 Game. I’m amazed at how DIFFERENT the graphics are!!!! They remind me of the graphics from like Donkey Kong and PacMan…lol…she’s used to the graphics from today’s games. It’s so weird and yet so cool at the same time so see how different the graphics are in older games compared to today’s games. Now they are so realistic!!!

Of course she groans at my describing the graphics…lol…but seriously, it’s amazing the progress we have made – at least in the world of gaming!!

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 10, 2015

Anime Knights Con…

Saturday I got to help debut a con!!! It was kinda cool. It was an outside con – my first outside con – and their FIRST con!! They had like 10 vendors, LARP, panels under tents and even had Cosplay Chess. They were in a neighborhood park next to the neighborhood pool so cosplayers could take pics next to the pool. Rather cool. Unfortunately it started raining and since I didn’t have a canopy, I had to rush pack so my hats/setup didn’t get ruined and load up the car. Leaving early kinda stunk, but, at least I got to see a few cosplays and chat with like-minded peeps :)

I look forward to hopefully going again next year – hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 3, 2015

Do You Wear A Mask?

I know, crazy question right? But, in the past year I’ve come to ask myself that due to a recent change in my life. Someone that I shared my life with took a drastic turn in his. He wasn’t the same person he was when I first met him. Or was he? Maybe I just thought he wasn’t the same because it didn’t fit with our lives – the way we were at the moment. Maybe he was the same from day one but just changed or hid what he was really like because of me.

I think I know myself pretty well. If asked to write a bio, I can do that and be pretty honest. Of course, what you see now might not be the person my dd sees at home :) or the person I am while at work. I think we wear different masks to suit each aspect of our lives. Work, home, family, friends…they all see a side of ourselves that we share/show.

Is that fair? Probably not. But a lot of people are judgmental and people can be mean spirited and cruel and if media has taught us anything, if we don’t fit in with the ‘norm’ we aren’t ‘right’. Then again, what is the ‘norm’ and what is ‘right’. I love those that can live their lives free of any judgements…they don’t care what other people think. I wish I could be more like that. I wish that we as a whole, weren’t judgmental or condemning.

One day…maybe…

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 31, 2015

Ranch or Two-Story…

When I was a Realtor, one of the questions I always asked was ‘Do you prefer a ranch or two-story?’. The answers were mixed. I personally prefer a two-story. My Mom prefers a ranch – she didn’t want to deal with the stairs and the dangers that come with them.

I love open staircases – the ones that have a little nook where you can put a table, chair and a lamp – makes a perfect reading corner. I used to live in a two-story house with dd when she was 4 and I was always afraid she would fall down the stairs – I can still hear myself ‘go slow…one step at a time’. I loved the two-story house. The top story was like another house – whatever was going on downstairs didn’t affect me upstairs. If I wanted to mingle with the rest of the household, I could go downstairs, if I wanted peace and silence I just stayed upstairs. It was great.

How about you? What is your preference?

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 25, 2015

Class Reunions

I just realized 2010 was my high school 10th year reunion. I didn’t go – I didn’t know anything about it for one, I moved and never looked back. I was looking thru some pics I had found online for that reunion and while I recognized quite a few people, there were tons I didn’t recognize.

It made me start thinking about why we go to reunions. Are we trying to show off what we have done with our lives? Are we trying to prove that we were the most successful? Are we trying to show that we turned into hot adults? I am not the same person I was while in high school. I don’t miss high school. I don’t miss anyone I went to school with either. Is that bad?

I also started thinking about where I had wanted to be back then. A published author. Period. That’s all I wanted to be. And guess what? I am – I succeeded in achieving my dream. I’m not done either. At first I was depressed because in my personal life I feel like I failed. I am basically starting all over again and it’s not something I wanted to do…again…

But, starting over can sometimes be a blessing. Yeah, financially it does stink, but, maybe this time around I can get more out of life – learn from my mistakes and grow from my successes.

What about you? Did you go to any of your reunions? Why? Why not?


Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 23, 2015

Old Pics…

Recently I came across several boxes of my old pics. Pics that are at least 20 years old. Ones that I took while on vacations, at the beach, parties…some had old friends in them. Def ones that I would like to keep. So, I have decided to spend time scanning them onto my computer. Not sure if I have to do anything special to them when I scan them, but, a little research later on should help me protect them so I can enjoy them for many years to come – not to mention, I can share them with friends and family.

What do you do with your old print pictures? Are they in photo albums? Are they archived on your computer?

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 22, 2015

Kindness Saves Relationships?

I read an article earlier this morning that stated that couples who showed kindness to each other were more likely to stay married than those who didn’t. Studies were done to prove this theory. My question?

Isn’t this logical sense?

I mean, if your spouse points out a gorgeous rainbow and they have a love for rainbows, would you share in her enjoyment? Or would you just say ‘uh huh that’s nice hon’ and go on with your day?

I personally have done both. Depending on my mood, where we are at, what we are doing, etc all plays into my response. I would love to type that I am the most loving, kind, generous significant other, but, alas, I am human and I have done the ‘uh huh, that’s great hon’ response…too many times.

We all want the fairytale relationship. We all want happy endings. But, don’t we have to work at it? Nothing is perfect without work so why do we think relationships are any different?

I think that being kind should be used in all relationships. Can you imagine how different they would be if we did? With our friends? Our family? Try it for a month at least and see if things change. Try showing each other interest in what they are doing, what they love, what they are saying. You would think it would come natural right? Does it?

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 21, 2015

Taste in Books

So, my taste in books has gradually changed over the past year. I still love romance but I’ve started reading fantasy – witches, fairies, shape shifters, vampires, etc – and am truly enjoying them. Some have romance but, I’m more into the characters and storyline. I don’t think I’ve changed – no, how about, added to my likes and interests :) there, that sounds better lol …just more variety for those long 12 hour days lol or those days home sick in bed :)

I’ve come across several authors that I am waiting patiently (no, not really!!) for the next book in the series I can’t get enough of. I am the type of reader who prefers to read the entire collection at once rather than one at a time. I devour the story if I’m into it and when I’m done, I feel like I’ve suddenly crashed back to reality – and I wanna go back to that world!!!

How about you? Do you enjoy various genres or do you stick with just one or two?

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 20, 2015

Good Monday Morning!!!!

I dunno why I said ‘Good’ Morning – unless I’m off work or getting paid or sleeping late and waking up to breakfast in bed – how is it good?  lol

I’ve never been a fan of Monday mornings – just because it’s the end to the weekend and start to a long week of work, stress, traffic and barely any sleep. Or is it? If you work from home, you still deal with all the above. If  you work nightshift, yep, you still deal with all the above.

I think Mondays should be treated just like any other day. Except for Fridays and the weekend – they are just awesome  :) So here is to putting Monday with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and not treating them like naughty children – yeah, easier said than done…lol…

How do you see Mondays?

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