Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | October 4, 2015

Miami Dolphins

So…today I was able to watch my first Miami Dolphins game of the year. The past two games have been on CBS but I wasn’t able to watch it – another game was on instead…yeah…I know…that sucked. Today they were playing in London against the New York Jets. I truly don’t think I’d make a good referee cause I would let the Quarterback throw the ball without getting tackled. Today, the Miami Dolphins Quarterback was tackled a few times – and the ball was knocked out of his hand before he could even throw it like three times in a row!!! Where was their offensive line? Why weren’t they protecting their Quarterback?

I don’t know.

I really don’t know that much about football but I have loved the Miami Dolphins for almost 20 years. They will always be my favorite team, no matter how they play. I read some of the comments after the game ended and I have to say, for those complaining and saying that players and coaches should be fired, maybe you should play the game for them. See how you like the stress. See how you handle the pain when tackled. See how far you can throw the ball with your other hand so a move is in play.

The players that play every week deal with so much crap from the coaches, the owners, and oh yes, even their fans. You know, those of us who claim we love the team and root for them – only the fans that root for them until they lose aren’t really fans – true fans are those that root for them whether they win or lose.




Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | October 2, 2015

Saving Kate

This is a short story I wrote for a writing challenge – sadly, I didn’t win the challenge but, this was fun to write nevertheless :)


The feet of her pajamas offered no protection as she trudged through the deep drifts. Kate had been crying throughout her ordeal and, when she lowered her head for protection from the wind, she almost missed a light piercing through the trees. As she instinctively turned in that direction, she heard a train whistle…

She knew that she had to cross the tracks before the train came or the men following her would definitely catch her. She was so tired and drained from running, adrenaline coursed thru her body. She glanced over her shoulder and saw a flickering light behind her. She closed her eyes for a second and felt the heat from the fireplace in her house. She had been curled up on the couch with Onyx, her cat, dozing off and on. Her parents were in the kitchen, she could hear their low voices. Her father was excited about a new drug he had discovered. For some reason it was a huge secret and if it fell into the wrong hands, it would be disastrous. Kate didn’t know much about the drug, only that the government was very interested in it and so were other people. Her father had gotten numerous calls all evening and kept hanging up after having heated conversations. A loud slam woke Kate from her lazy slumber and she bolted straight up, dumping Onyx on the ground. Loud, angry voices came from the kitchen, she could hear her mother crying and her father was yelling at whoever was with them. Suddenly her father came running into the room and yelled at Kate to run. Behind him were several men dressed in black, one was holding her mother in a tight grip. Kate’s eyes grew large as fear gripped her, freezing her in place. Her father stopped in front of her, pleading for her to run. All of a sudden he crumpled to his knees, a dazed look on his face. The man behind him smiled at Kate, the bottle in his hand covered in blood. Kate gasped and jumped up, running for the door. She didn’t grab a jacket, she just ran out into the dark. She heard her mother scream but she kept running, too scared to stop. The men were yelling and several came after her.

The snow and wind blew all around her, her fingers were numb and her pajama clad feet were soaked. Hearing the men behind her she continued forward thru the snow drifts. They lived in Wyoming; their closest neighbor was twenty-five miles away. Kate knew the interstate was over the hill past the train tracks so she headed that way, hoping that someone would help her. She had no idea what was happening to her parents. Tears froze on her cheeks and fear gripped her. For a second she almost stopped and went back but her father yelling at her to run flashed thru her mind.

Kate jumped as the train whistle broke the air; bringing her out of her reverie. Her eyes snapped open with the realization she had to beat the train. Not sure how much further the tracks were, she lowered her head and blew warm air over her numb fingers. Her thoughts went over the whole situation. Those men had to have been after the drug her father had discovered. He must have refused to give it to them. Kate couldn’t figure out what kind of drug her father had been working on. He never discussed it with her or her mother. Considering her present situation it had to have been something big. She looked over her shoulder but couldn’t see a light anymore. She thought she heard voices but the wind made it hard to tell where it was coming from. Desperate to get across the tracks, she took a deep breathe and pushed forward. She wrapped her arms around her and kept her head down against the wind. The train light was getting brighter and closer as Kate slipped down the hill. She lost her footing and tumbled head first, landing with a huge thud on her back, the air knocked from her. She could hear the men at the top of the hill and forced herself to get up, willing her legs to move. With the train quickly approaching, she glanced over her shoulder and saw the men racing down the hill. Kate jumped the tracks seconds before the train screamed past, blocking her from the men who had come into the house and terrorized her family. Kate stumbled towards the interstate, her breathing shallow and fast, tears streaming down her cheeks. She waved her arms hoping someone would stop. A car slowed down and a familiar face appeared over the lowered window. She had made it. She was safe.

Copyright © 2015, S. Elisabeth M. Abbott

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | September 29, 2015

Project Runway


I’m not really a fan of reality shows. I enjoyed Face Off and Heroes of Cosplay and of course, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. However, I just recently saw a couple episodes of Project Runway. Maybe it was the creative side of me that was intrigued…maybe it was the designs. I don’t know but yep, I watched it. The first episode I saw was Lace to the Finish (the designers had to create lingerie) and it caught my attention because some of the designs were awesome and some just left me going ‘hmmmm…’  I was also kinda shocked? when Blake admitted to not knowing where the vagina is – ummm?? and yes, he actually asked the other designers where it was. I think my mouth hit the floor on that scene. Not sure if that’s why he failed the challenge or not, but sadly, Blake was eliminated. The winner was Merline and her design was soft and sporty – I liked it, but I have to say I was surprised Swapnil didn’t win – his design was one of my favs.

Designer - Merline

Designer – Merline

Designer - Swapnil

Designer – Swapnil

Designer - Blake

Designer – Blake

The next episode I saw was Haute Tech Couture (the designers used recycled electronics) and I have to say the fashions that were created were just WOW. I LOVED Ashley’s design – it was so flirty and fun and I loved how she designed it using the Polaroid film – very cool!! I also LOVED Kelly’s design – the dress was made out of aluminum tubing. It wouldn’t have been my choice material to use simply because it was so time consuming but the look was AWESOME. My least favorite design was the blue and black mousepad dress designed by Joseph who was eliminated. I think he coulda dug deeper and let his creativity flow more in this challenge.

Designer - Ashley

Designer – Ashley

Designer - Joseph

Designer – Joseph

Designer - Kelly

Designer – Kelly

So the last episode I’ve watched was the most current one, Broadway or Bust (the designers got to design an inspiration piece from the Broadway play, Finding Neverland). I absolutely LOVED Candice’s design – omg I’d wear it!!! That was the winning design as well and she definitely deserved it – it blew the other designers out of the water. The one I least liked? That was a hard choice as I actually liked all of them. Lindsey and Laurie were the two designers on the bottom and unfortunately, one of them, Lindsey, was eliminated.


Designer – Candice


Designer – Lindsey

Yeah, this might be one reality show I watch next week…just to see the awesome fashions!!!


Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | September 28, 2015

Depression…Our Own Private Prison

Depression is so cruel. It doesn’t care if you are white, black, American, Chinese, cat lover, dog lover – it doesn’t discriminate at all. It does ruin lives. It takes a hold of your thoughts, making you miserable in your own skin. Making you doubt your dreams, wants, needs. Making you want to crawl back into bed and just stay there. Not go to your daughter’s dance recital. Or your son’s football game. Or your birthday dinner.

Yes, I have been there. I have worn the depression mantle – and I am still wearing it. Life happens. We get sick. We get married. We get divorced. We have fights with our loved ones. We lose loved ones. Some of us can’t shake the depression no matter what we try or do. We listen to people who say what they did to escape the depression prison and we are so jealous of their success. Why can’t we escape our own prison? We want to enjoy life. We want to laugh. We want to…don’t we?

I hate not having motivation to write. Not having motivation to sew and make hats or jewelry. I hate not having energy to work out with my daughter. I hate not having the get up and go and live my life. So I’ve had a couple of life changing events happen. Ok…who hasn’t? Why can’t I shake my depression prison? Live my life the way my head and heart want? Why can’t I bounce out of bed and stay going until I crawl back under the covers late at night?

I’ve tried the medication route. I’ve tried the journal route. I’ve tried the talking route. None of it worked for me. I’ve heard it has worked for other people and I see how happy they are. Why can’t I be that happy? I’ve gone thru life changing events that several close friends have gone thru and I am so jealous of their ability to stay on track and write, sew – LIVE their lives. No, I’m not saying I gave up. I didn’t. I did/do the bare amount of living that I have to.

But that’s not living.

And I’m ready to live. I’m ready to take back my life. Life is too short and I’m tired of living with the past haunting me.

Who’s with me?

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My Sister

Though you are not here

I know you are with me

You are the wind that blows gently thru the trees

You are the rain tapping gently at my window

You are the rainbow peeping from behind the clouds

You are the blanket that envelopes me in a warm hug

You are the star that shines and twinkles in the night sky

You are my sister, my friend and forever in my heart

In Loving Memory of my Sister, Kelly


Copyright © 2015, S. Elisabeth M. Abbott

Published in my poetry book, Voices from the Heart

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | September 15, 2015


Last week I had a job interview with a company I really wanted to work with. The money was great, hours were eh, and they were only 15 minutes from my home – maybe 30 depending on traffic. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job. I went home crushed. Totally bummed. I didn’t want to tell anyone I didn’t get the job but of course I had already told my Mom and daughter so I had to tell them the news and my daughter responded ‘maybe you weren’t supposed to get that job. Maybe there is something better waiting for you.’

With bills and responsibility on  my shoulders, I don’t have a lot of time to find ‘THE job’. I need it NOW. What if that job really was the one meant for me and I screwed up and now I have to deal with a lesser paying job…a less fulfilling job…a job that doesn’t offer me anything but basic pay and hours.

Sigh…sometimes I really hate having to take the long path.

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 31, 2015

Horror Maestro

I can remember staying awake all night and not wanting to close my eyes for fear Freddy Krueger would kill me. I thought Maximillian was a hot vampire in Vampire in Brooklyn. To me, Wes Craven WAS the horror maestro. He brought our dreams and fears to reality on screens and sat back while we screamed and freaked ourselves out. To me, there is no other horror maestro.

“The times when I’m scared are when I’m writing,” he said. “I’ve been known to jump out of a chair when someone comes into a room.” – Wes Craven

RIP Horror Maestro


Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 26, 2015


The darkness is distracting
It calls to me
Whispers my name
Covers me in black silk

The darkness in my mind
Threatens to take over
Promises to never leave me
To never cause me pain

I glance over my shoulder
I see a bright light
It’s blinding
It’s warm

I hear a familiar voice
One that promises to never leave me
To always hold my hand
One that offers never ending love

I waiver…love is for fools
My heart is shredded
My tears have formed rivers
I have nothing more to give

The darkness promises me
No more pain
No more being alone
No more tears

The bright light offers me

I am on the edge
Closing my eyes
I fall
Who will catch me

Copyright © 2015, S. Elisabeth M. Abbott

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 23, 2015

Game Graphics

I’m sitting at my desk and glance up at the TV as my daughter plays PlayStation Battle Arena Toshinden3 Game. I’m amazed at how DIFFERENT the graphics are!!!! They remind me of the graphics from like Donkey Kong and PacMan…lol…she’s used to the graphics from today’s games. It’s so weird and yet so cool at the same time so see how different the graphics are in older games compared to today’s games. Now they are so realistic!!!

Of course she groans at my describing the graphics…lol…but seriously, it’s amazing the progress we have made – at least in the world of gaming!!

Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 10, 2015

Anime Knights Con…

Saturday I got to help debut a con!!! It was kinda cool. It was an outside con – my first outside con – and their FIRST con!! They had like 10 vendors, LARP, panels under tents and even had Cosplay Chess. They were in a neighborhood park next to the neighborhood pool so cosplayers could take pics next to the pool. Rather cool. Unfortunately it started raining and since I didn’t have a canopy, I had to rush pack so my hats/setup didn’t get ruined and load up the car. Leaving early kinda stunk, but, at least I got to see a few cosplays and chat with like-minded peeps :)

I look forward to hopefully going again next year – hopefully the weather will cooperate.

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