Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | October 31, 2018

31 Nights of Halloween – The Last Hallow’s Eve

On the thirty-first night of Halloween…

The Last Hallow’s Eve by Jean Maxwell

When government legislation puts the kybosh on Halloween forever, where does a budding graphic novelist go for gothic inspiration? To a haunted mansion of course! The level-headed but love-starved artist Joanna Mitchell thinks she’s seen it all in the world of the macabre and is not about to be frightened off by tales of the mysterious and decrepit Haversham Mansion in rural Connecticut. On the last official Halloween Night, she arranges to stay the night in Haversham-on-the-Lake, an obscure town only known for its reverence of All Hallow’s Eve, to capture on paper the supernatural goings-on at the old mansion.

But even a jaded artist can be caught with her pants down…and dragged full force into a tangle with an equally lusty demon prepared to give her all the action she can take in exchange for his last chance to return to the land of the living—on the Last Hallow’s Eve in history.

Last Hallows Eve

Meet the Author…

Jean Maxwell writes contemporary romance novels and is a true artist at heart. She believes she came out of the womb with a pencil in hand and began drawing at a very early age. A graduate of both the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Engineering Design and MacEwan University’s Design Arts program, she switched from draftsman to graphic artist in her early career. But the muses would not keep silent, and eventually coerced her to write her first romantic suspense novel, El Mirador.

Jean went on to write its sequel, El Precio, followed by a spooky short story just ‘write’ for Halloween The Last Hallow’s Eve. In that same ‘vein’ Jean also wrote and released a full-length indie novel The Witch Doctor, another spine-tingling, Halloween-worthy tale of witchcraft, magic and romance mixed with modern medical science. A prolific and sought-after ghostwriter, her latest original work Winter Symphony released in January 2018 and will be available in print for the upcoming holiday season. But when it comes to holidays, Halloween has always held a special fascination for Jean, so she’s offering a special Hallowe’en Treat just for you!

Click here to read Last Hallow’s Eve tonight….F R E E!

Jean lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and works as a freelance writer and designer as well as teaching continuing education classes in personal computer software. Both an artist and musician, she also enjoys playing clarinet with the Edmonton Winds and the Edmonton Metropolitan Orchestra.

Drop her a line or hang out with Jean in any of the following places:

Book links:
The Last Hallows Eve eBook on Amazon


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