Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | December 17, 2017

25 Days of Christmas – Christmas at Edgewood Park

On the seventeenth day of Christmas…

Christmas at Edgewood Park by Shaela Kay

At nearly thirty years old, Eleanor Eves is a confirmed old maid – and a rather wealthy one at that. She enjoys her independence, relishes her position, and delights in serving the people of Littleton. But when the reclusive Mr. Cartwright returns to town after eight years abroad, she finds herself the unwilling delegate volunteered to welcome him into the neighborhood.

Not only is he shrouded in mystery, but Albert Cartwright is horribly disfigured, and carries a reputation for being somewhat of a brute. With Christmas on the horizon, a holiday bazaar to organize, and her aging father to care for, can Eleanor make room in her heart for Mr. Cartwright as well?

Christmas at Edgewood Park
Meet the Author…

Shaela Kay is a wife, mother, homeschool educator, and Christian. She loves leopard print and rainy days. Prior to beginning her writing career, she was an independent paper crafts designer and worked for several different companies. Her cards and scrapbook pages have been published online and in numerous idea books and magazines.

Shaela was born and raised near Seattle, WA, and as a child, was addicted to the written word. Her exhausted mother finally taught her to read when she was 4 years old so that she could read to herself. She learned to write shortly after, and wrote her first book at the age of 6. It had a red cover (her favorite color) and was held together by duct tape.

A passion for books became a passion for plays, and Shaela was heavily involved in school and community theatre while growing up. She studied Theatre and English at Brigham Young University-Idaho, but left her studies when she married her sweetheart and started a family. They have four beautiful children and live in southeast Washington, along the banks of the mighty Columbia River.

While she is widely read in various genres, Shaela’s favorite books to read (and consequently write) are historical fiction. “I love stories that carry me away to a foreign place and time, and if they can make me laugh AND cry, that’s even better.” A hopeless romantic at heart, she also enjoys reading love stories, but squirms inside when they’re too risque. Her goal is to write vivid, well-researched historical novels, and when romance is involved, she is determined that they be clean enough to let her teenage daughters read them unashamed.


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