Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | September 23, 2017


I started a new job at the end of June – June 26th to be exact – and I’m coming up on my 90 days and guess what? I LOVE my job!! I love my team and I love the work. What am I doing now you ask? Well, remember when I had gotten my Real Estate License back in 2004? Well, I had also worked in Property Management and LOVED it. I had been trying to get back into that and could just not get my feet in the door anywhere I applied. Until…June 26!!! I clicked right away with everyone – which is a shock really because I don’t like very many females. But, I liked them. I didn’t even wanna go home after the interview!! I wanted to stay with them!!!  …lol… I don’t dread going into work every morning – in fact, I am usually early!! I don’t watch the clock so I can run out the door right at 4pm – in fact, I usually groan when I realize it’s 3pm or so because the time went so fast and I still have stuff to do!! Oh and this whole time I’ve been looking for a new job, whenever getting my RE License back came up, I always said a firm ‘nope’ – NOW I’m actually thinking about going thru that hell of a class again and getting my license back…WHAT?!?!?!?!  …lol…

My team is made up of five people – including me. It’s a family – Mother, Father (broker), Daughter (Realtor) and Daughter’s best friend (office manager) of 10 years. I LOVE them. They took me in like I was part of the family and ya know what? I do consider them family too.

Right after my 60 days mark, my boss took us girls to Shelley Island (the Broker stayed behind to mind the office…smile…) – the island was formed off North Carolina during a huge storm – and is covered with shells!!! OMG!! That was so much fun!! I actually relaxed, breathed in the air and exhaled slowly several times. I so needed that day. Only my daughter knew where I was going – I didn’t want my phone blowing up while I was out of town for the day. While eating lunch, they joked saying they had actually gotten to see the ‘real me’ …. hmmmm….maybe just a little while I squealed like a little girl over the shells and rolled my window down and giggled as we drove on the beach in the Jeep – I had never done anything like that day before and omg it was such an awesome memory making day.

That excitement still lingers today as I type this because, for the first time since my Sister died and my separation, I got to see a side of me I hadn’t in quite some time. And I know dd is glad to see that side again. dd even loves to come up to the office and see everyone – I know it’s a small thing, but, they are so nice to her!! Most offices don’t like visitors, but, my office welcomes her in and chats with her like she’s part of the gang.

Aside from still having migraines and stress and going grrrrrrr sometimes, I am….happy….and so ready for another day adventure!!!



  1. Such great news – you deserve to have a great job like this.

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