Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | June 22, 2017

Stoves and Burners

I’ve always been a big fan of writing whenever and however you can. First thing in the morning before work/school/breakfast….jot down a few words on lunch break…write after dinner/before bed…write when the house is dark and quiet…

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that my creative side is tied tightly to my emotions and if my life is in an upheaval, my creative side just simmers quietly on the back burner. Speaking of back burners, last night I was at my monthly writing meet-up and the thought came to me. Our lives are like stoves – sorta..kinda….hear me out…

The burners are made up of family, friends, jobs, writing, sewing, painting – all the different parts of our lives. Right now my personal and professional (money making) parts are not settled – well, I got a new job (yay!!) so hopefully that part will calm down – but, they are on the front burners because that’s all I think about 24/7. So my writing, sewing,- creative side are on the back burners, simmering.

I used to be able to go from burner to burner, stirring and giving each one attention. As I’ve gotten older, I tend to focus on one or two burners and let the others either simmer or the flame goes out. Which, as much as I love writing and reading and scuba diving, that’s a shame. One that I intend on correcting…

I envy those who succeed at juggling all parts of their lives in a calm, rational manner. I struggle to just juggle the immediate parts. However, I am also a big fan of ‘one day at a time’ – I try to live by that and sometimes I’m successful. Heck, I’ve made it this far, right? So, back to writing whenever I can…back to reading whenever I can…back to sewing whenever I can…one day at a time…



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