Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | June 6, 2017

Been A while…

I know, it’s been a while…I took a temp job as an overnight donut/bagel baker and while I have worked overnight before, this job has drained me both mentally and physically. Friday night was my last night and while I’m glad to be done with that sleep schedule, I will miss the paycheck…sigh…

I’ve missed writing and working on FurrVille projects. No new hats or tails or stories. I really felt the drain on my creativity and it has bothered me. Hence why I’m rambling now.

I hate that jobs don’t pay enough to survive on. Most people have to have two jobs just to make ends meet. dd and I don’t live outside our means either. We have the basic bills and yeah, we just started playing World of Warcraft again, but, that’s my only escape from reality.

I am looking forward to writing and creating new hats-n-stuff so stay tuned.


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