Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 28, 2017

Starting Over – Again

I am sooooooo tired of starting over. Wait, I think I’m tired of struggling and trying to start over. Tired of trying to get my feet back under me and not making it. I can’t be the only 40ish divorced female trying to start over. It does suck. Very much so. But, I don’t have a choice – it’s not like I can just curl up on my bed and wake up to things being different – that would be awesome though wouldn’t it?

I’ve applied to so many jobs – some I’m not even qualified for. Some I am over qualified for. I even work for a temp agency but they never seem to have anything for me. I think I’m tired of being told I’m doing something wrong. I’m applying to jobs…I’m talking to people…I’m not just sitting on the couch eating bonbons.

Depression is a horrible best friend. It’s always with me and never let’s me have any peace. I know I know…it will get better. But….When? It’s been two years since the separation and I’m still struggling. Will it get better? Will I be able to show my daughter that after the separation and daily struggle to survive that there is a rainbow?

I have to.



  1. Big hugs!!!!

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  2. You got this!! I’m nearing forty myself and I am also starting over. This is my 3rd time starting over: One ex husband, One boyfriend who I thought was my soul mate, and now a five year relationship with someone who was truly a good partner and friend, but my money issues got in the way. Keep your goals in mind and remind yourself that you are raising a strong and wonderful woman who looks up to you. One step at a time you have this.

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