Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | December 13, 2016

12 Books of Christmas – One Foot in the Grave

On the second day of Christmas…

One Foot in the Grave: An Almost Zombie Tale by Shanti Krishnamurty

It’s the summer after graduation, and all Isis wants to do is hang out and party with her friends. Unfortunately, her boyfriend has other plans. When a fun trip to Savannah leaves her with a bite mark on her neck and a strange craving for raw brains, her journey of self-discovery begins in the weirdest place imaginable: a rundown church full of misfits, all struggling to fit in.


About Shanti:

First of all, I dislike writing biographies. I never quite know what to say, and feel like I babble. That being said, let me start with the basics.
I’m a part-time college student, full-time mother of two boys, whom I home-educate, and full-time homebody. I live in Atlanta, Georgia with said kids, my husband and a much spoiled Great Dane.
I write clean fiction – no sex, no rated ‘R’ violence, no language and generally little to no romance. That last is my personal preference, since I like writing novels more focused on my main characters finding their own strength and their own place of belonging.
When I’m not busily losing what is left of my mind, I love gaming. MMORPGs, card games (‘Gloom’ is a fun one!), board games…I’m such a nerd that every two weeks my family and I get together with around five other nerdy families and play games, watch movies, eat…game more…
‘Maid’ is my first novel and I’ve just finished the first draft of my second one…which is entirely cool, when I remember I’ve wanted to do this writing thing since the 4th grade.
I probably have at least ten more books stuck in my head, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be writing for many years to come. At least, that’s the idea! 😀

Shanti Krishnamurty’s Facebook


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