Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | September 15, 2016

Families – In-Laws

This wasn’t a post I ever planned or thought of writing. When you marry someone, what goes thru your head? Besides the whole being in love fog of course…lol…I didn’t think of the family I was marrying into. I wasn’t marrying them. I was marrying one person. However, after being married, you kinda start thinking of them as part of your family right? You invite them to holiday dinners, special occasions, you show up for games, birthdays – your life becomes entwined with theirs. Right? Unless of course, there is dislike between you and them. Then, well, that changes everything.

What if you get separated? Do you just stop caring? Do you stop supporting each other? Do you act as though they no longer exist? Trust me, that’s extremely hard to do and sometimes causes more damage especially if kids are involved.

Then when something tragic, like a death, where does that leave you? Do you show up for support? Are you even welcomed? Do you stand with them or in the back? Present but at a distance. I guess it all depends on your relationship status as to how you handle things.

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