Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 27, 2016

I Am…Festival

This was sooooo much fun!! I was invited by a fellow author (hi Susan!!) to set up a table and show off FurrVille stuff and my book, ‘Voices from the Heart.’ I did sell a couple hats – yay – but the exposure was just incredible!! I met so many awesome people and talented artists. I was so very proud to be part of the first festival and am looking forward to seeing it grow in the future. Not to mention it was also on the day celebrating the achievements of women while helping raise money for Access Virginia and Girls, Inc! It was presented by Emerge the Magazine and it was a night of relaxation with good music, food and friends – and not a bad start to holiday shopping either…lol…

One of the special guest speakers was another fellow author, Pamela Covington. This was special to me in so many ways. I met Pamela almost fours years ago at a local writer’s group and she has come such a long way with her speaking and soon to be released book, ‘A Day at the Fare, One Woman’s Welfare Passage’ – you should check her out at This is the first time I was able to hear her speak and it was fantastic.

I Am…Proud to be part of such an awesome community and extraordinary event that helped so many people.





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