Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | March 16, 2016


I have been super busy sewing..sewing…sewing…I’m trying to stay faithful to the schedule I’ve set up for myself with both writing and sewing. Nobody is going to make me successful but myself. I know that and plan on working hard for what I want. I am trying to keep my inner demons at bay and trying to stay motivated and not cave to the darkness that beckons to me.

Sounds dark and dismal doesn’t it? But, I promised to be honest to myself and putting it out here for everyone to see and read is like making me keep that promise – it’s almost like airing out my dirty laundry…lol…which as a kid, I was raised to not do…lol…

There will always be things that I will keep close to the chest. But when it comes to my writing and sewing and the dark inner demons, I am willing to share. I’m not the only one that suffers and I’m glad to share what I deal with. Maybe I can help someone realize that they aren’t alone either. We are together – maybe not living together or even in the same city or state, but, online brings us together and having similar demons bring us together.

As I’ve always said, take one day at a time…baby steps…set small, realistic goals each day and don’t get frustrated when you get side-tracked – it happens.

So, what is on your agenda for today? Writing an article? Writing a blog post? Writing a chapter or two of your WIP? Editing? Sewing? Crafts? Making jewelry? Drawing?


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