Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | March 14, 2016

Maybe I Should Quit

Over the weekend, in between playing World of Warcraft with dd and sewing a hat or two, I was checking out Facebook. When don’t I right? Anyway, a friend was having a moment and she wrote ‘I’m struggling if I should give up writing all together’. I of course immediately wrote back how I can relate and she shouldn’t give up. She replied that she had no intention of giving up writing – but might stop publishing. Of course, that is her choice but…I dunno, if you already have fans, why stop publishing?

I’ve always dealt with the ‘maybe I should quit’ battle. I stepped back and thought about what she wrote. Tried to see where she was coming from. Her sales weren’t all that great and she does write in her native language so maybe that is a problem? I did suggest maybe trying a different marketing technique. When I published my poetry book, I didn’t do it for the sales. I did it because I wanted to and I was ready for it.

However, what to do about the ‘maybe I should quit’ battle? That is something that only we can settle individually. I have thought about just hanging up the pen and finding something else to do. But I can’t. It’s in my blood. It’s who I am. It’s always been there for me – I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I quit. It’s a way for me to escape into another world and not deal with reality for a little while. It might take me forever to get where I want to be, but, I will get there.

So, no quitting for me…smile…



  1. Sometimes quitting is about finding a better path or taking a break and redirecting. I will never quit being a storyteller but I’m not actively pursuing a writing career. Stories are breath to me but I don’t need a book deal to be a writer. Perhaps that is what she needs – to reconnect with the writer inside instead of the “businesswoman” who sells writing (which is so exhausting I just don’t get why people do it but I am grateful they do because what would I read).

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