Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 7, 2016

STOP the Killing!!

These stories break my heart. I don’t understand WHY any animals have to be killed. If you are hunting to survive, well, ok then…you are living off the land and using all parts to survive. But, to kill just to kill or to kill for profit!!? To me, that is the lowest of the lowest.

Siberian Cub – I heard about this story a couple days ago and had hoped the cub would make it…alas she did not.  Mighty big paws for such a tiny thing. She deserved better than to starve because poachers killed her Mom. There is a special place in hell for poachers.  I just read a couple more stories and I believe there are three cubs – this one didn’t make it.

I think that we should just ship all the molesters, rapists and murderers somewhere they could be hunted by hunters/poachers. Let the furry animals live free and wild like they are supposed to.



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