Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 6, 2016

Coming to a Stop…

I am among millions of people who suffer from allergies. And suffer from the sluggish, tired feelings because of the allergies AND the meds we take to combat the allergies. Talk about our bodies coming to a screeching halt!! Nothing can bring me to a halt faster than allergies themselves and then toss on the meds and I’m craving my bed and pillow!!!

Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, to get any energy at all, we have to drink energy drinks – isn’t that just crazy? We take meds to fight the headaches, stuff/runny nose, sore/scratchy throats only to turn around and drink an energy drink so we can stay awake and work – get thru the day!!

I know what happens every year…even though I pop Vitamin C, when the weather changes, I am gonna be sick. Without a doubt. Last year I was sick twice – both times having to go to the doctor. I am hoping I can get thru this year with no doctor visits!!

I think I need to move somewhere that doesn’t have such drastic weather changes…how about you?


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