Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 4, 2016

Living off the Land

If you could live off the land, would you? Or would you rather live in the city? I have a friend who actually does live off the land – he has a generator and water filtration system – but he still goes into town once a month to buy necessities. To me, he’s not fully living off the land – he’s just living so far away from civilization.

And that would drive me nuts. I’m not a big people person. I prefer my own company or a small group to hang with. I do wish though that we could all have a plot of land when we turn 18 and we are given a year or two to manage it. If we succeed, it’s ours, if we want. If we fail, then we move on to whatever we want to do.

I think if kids are taught early on how to grown vegetables and tend gardens, etc, they would be more self sustaining. Then again, we do have the computer geeks that live, breathe, eat and sleep computers, and doctors and scientists, etc –  can’t get rid of those geniuses…nope…need them to keep our world going.

Just a thought for the day…



  1. We want a small farm in the area we currently live. We’re not super close to a city but we have civilization. I like the idea of growing everything I need but it’s not practical – not the way we live today. But I do like the idea of trying.


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