Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 3, 2016

The Day Star Wars Broke My Heart

Nope, don’t worry, no spoilers here. But, yes, Star Wars broke my heart. I finally got to see the new movie, The Force Awakens. I’ve been ignoring the trailers and any talk online about the movie because I didn’t want any spoilers – so, aside from the official trailer I saw, I managed to not have it ruined.

Except, the movie itself broke my heart. I think I was what, 4 or 5, when the first movie came out and I have been a Star Wars fan my whole life. I love R2D2 – I even wore my R2D2 stuff when I saw the movie!!!!

Truth be told, it was an awesome movie. I think certain things could have been changed/added/switched to make it even better, but hey, it was Star Wars!!!!

I’m trying hard to remember the last time my heart was broken and aside from being unhappy or sad from something happening in a movie, I don’t ever remember my heart being broken. If you saw the movie, you know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t…you will when you watch it.

And watch it you must – it still gets ten thumbs up…and a broken heart.




  1. My husband is sure it’s all going to be “fixed” in the next movie. He scoured the internet for rumors that it just wasn’t true. I thought the movie was beautifully done and I can’t wait to see what they do next.


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