Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | October 4, 2015

Miami Dolphins

So…today I was able to watch my first Miami Dolphins game of the year. The past two games have been on CBS but I wasn’t able to watch it – another game was on instead…yeah…I know…that sucked. Today they were playing in London against the New York Jets. I truly don’t think I’d make a good referee cause I would let the Quarterback throw the ball without getting tackled. Today, the Miami Dolphins Quarterback was tackled a few times – and the ball was knocked out of his hand before he could even throw it like three times in a row!!! Where was their offensive line? Why weren’t they protecting their Quarterback?

I don’t know.

I really don’t know that much about football but I have loved the Miami Dolphins for almost 20 years. They will always be my favorite team, no matter how they play. I read some of the comments after the game ended and I have to say, for those complaining and saying that players and coaches should be fired, maybe you should play the game for them. See how you like the stress. See how you handle the pain when tackled. See how far you can throw the ball with your other hand so a move is in play.

The players that play every week deal with so much crap from the coaches, the owners, and oh yes, even their fans. You know, those of us who claim we love the team and root for them – only the fans that root for them until they lose aren’t really fans – true fans are those that root for them whether they win or lose.





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