Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | September 29, 2015

Project Runway


I’m not really a fan of reality shows. I enjoyed Face Off and Heroes of Cosplay and of course, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. However, I just recently saw a couple episodes of Project Runway. Maybe it was the creative side of me that was intrigued…maybe it was the designs. I don’t know but yep, I watched it. The first episode I saw was Lace to the Finish (the designers had to create lingerie) and it caught my attention because some of the designs were awesome and some just left me going ‘hmmmm…’  I was also kinda shocked? when Blake admitted to not knowing where the vagina is – ummm?? and yes, he actually asked the other designers where it was. I think my mouth hit the floor on that scene. Not sure if that’s why he failed the challenge or not, but sadly, Blake was eliminated. The winner was Merline and her design was soft and sporty – I liked it, but I have to say I was surprised Swapnil didn’t win – his design was one of my favs.

Designer - Merline

Designer – Merline

Designer - Swapnil

Designer – Swapnil

Designer - Blake

Designer – Blake

The next episode I saw was Haute Tech Couture (the designers used recycled electronics) and I have to say the fashions that were created were just WOW. I LOVED Ashley’s design – it was so flirty and fun and I loved how she designed it using the Polaroid film – very cool!! I also LOVED Kelly’s design – the dress was made out of aluminum tubing. It wouldn’t have been my choice material to use simply because it was so time consuming but the look was AWESOME. My least favorite design was the blue and black mousepad dress designed by Joseph who was eliminated. I think he coulda dug deeper and let his creativity flow more in this challenge.

Designer - Ashley

Designer – Ashley

Designer - Joseph

Designer – Joseph

Designer - Kelly

Designer – Kelly

So the last episode I’ve watched was the most current one, Broadway or Bust (the designers got to design an inspiration piece from the Broadway play, Finding Neverland). I absolutely LOVED Candice’s design – omg I’d wear it!!! That was the winning design as well and she definitely deserved it – it blew the other designers out of the water. The one I least liked? That was a hard choice as I actually liked all of them. Lindsey and Laurie were the two designers on the bottom and unfortunately, one of them, Lindsey, was eliminated.


Designer – Candice


Designer – Lindsey

Yeah, this might be one reality show I watch next week…just to see the awesome fashions!!!



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