Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | August 26, 2015


The darkness is distracting
It calls to me
Whispers my name
Covers me in black silk

The darkness in my mind
Threatens to take over
Promises to never leave me
To never cause me pain

I glance over my shoulder
I see a bright light
It’s blinding
It’s warm

I hear a familiar voice
One that promises to never leave me
To always hold my hand
One that offers never ending love

I waiver…love is for fools
My heart is shredded
My tears have formed rivers
I have nothing more to give

The darkness promises me
No more pain
No more being alone
No more tears

The bright light offers me

I am on the edge
Closing my eyes
I fall
Who will catch me

Copyright © 2015, S. Elisabeth M. Abbott

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