Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 25, 2015

Class Reunions

I just realized 2010 was my high school 10th year reunion. I didn’t go – I didn’t know anything about it for one, I moved and never looked back. I was looking thru some pics I had found online for that reunion and while I recognized quite a few people, there were tons I didn’t recognize.

It made me start thinking about why we go to reunions. Are we trying to show off what we have done with our lives? Are we trying to prove that we were the most successful? Are we trying to show that we turned into hot adults? I am not the same person I was while in high school. I don’t miss high school. I don’t miss anyone I went to school with either. Is that bad?

I also started thinking about where I had wanted to be back then. A published author. Period. That’s all I wanted to be. And guess what? I am – I succeeded in achieving my dream. I’m not done either. At first I was depressed because in my personal life I feel like I failed. I am basically starting all over again and it’s not something I wanted to do…again…

But, starting over can sometimes be a blessing. Yeah, financially it does stink, but, maybe this time around I can get more out of life – learn from my mistakes and grow from my successes.

What about you? Did you go to any of your reunions? Why? Why not?



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