Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 22, 2015

Kindness Saves Relationships?

I read an article earlier this morning that stated that couples who showed kindness to each other were more likely to stay married than those who didn’t. Studies were done to prove this theory. My question?

Isn’t this logical sense?

I mean, if your spouse points out a gorgeous rainbow and they have a love for rainbows, would you share in her enjoyment? Or would you just say ‘uh huh that’s nice hon’ and go on with your day?

I personally have done both. Depending on my mood, where we are at, what we are doing, etc all plays into my response. I would love to type that I am the most loving, kind, generous significant other, but, alas, I am human and I have done the ‘uh huh, that’s great hon’ response…too many times.

We all want the fairytale relationship. We all want happy endings. But, don’t we have to work at it? Nothing is perfect without work so why do we think relationships are any different?

I think that being kind should be used in all relationships. Can you imagine how different they would be if we did? With our friends? Our family? Try it for a month at least and see if things change. Try showing each other interest in what they are doing, what they love, what they are saying. You would think it would come natural right? Does it?



  1. It’s funny how far kindness goes. But seriously, a study had to be done to figure it out? Weird.


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