Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 20, 2015

Good Monday Morning!!!!

I dunno why I said ‘Good’ Morning – unless I’m off work or getting paid or sleeping late and waking up to breakfast in bed – how is it good?  lol

I’ve never been a fan of Monday mornings – just because it’s the end to the weekend and start to a long week of work, stress, traffic and barely any sleep. Or is it? If you work from home, you still deal with all the above. If  you work nightshift, yep, you still deal with all the above.

I think Mondays should be treated just like any other day. Except for Fridays and the weekend – they are just awesome  🙂 So here is to putting Monday with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and not treating them like naughty children – yeah, easier said than done…lol…

How do you see Mondays?


  1. I actually like Mondays. I’m weird but I like the routine and control I have over my work week. My weekends just seem like a jumble of chaos. While I appreciate the rest and time with my family, I love the structure of my week when I am at work.


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