Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 9, 2015

New Job…

So, I am currently looking for a new job. What type you ask? I have no idea – just something that pays enough to support myself on. Ha…aren’t we all right? I have a very interesting resume – I have more jobs in sales than anything else and yet, I don’t want to get back in sales. I can’t live on commissions right now. Maybe later on down the line, but right now, I need a def paycheck.

I have been looking at property management, assistant manager, inbound call center – even driving a limo!! I did drive a cab so I know I could drive a limo – at least part time on the weekends. This is the reason I ended up driving a cab – because I wasn’t able to find another job.

Well, time to get back to looking for a job – to all those looking – GOOD LUCK!!


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