Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | November 26, 2014


I hate change – I don’t know many people who actually like or crave change in their life – but, to me, it seems normal for a person to NOT like change. Am I wrong?

I am in the process of packing up a house that I have lived in for 14 years. A house that I have called home. A house that I have many memories in – some good, some not so good. I have come to the conclusion just like I did the other times I packed/moved…I hate packing and moving and all that entails.

I have so many collections – from masks to Snowbabies to Tigger plushies and all sorts of stuff in between. A lot of these items were gifts – gifts that hold memories and will be hard to deal with, much less look at, but, I got these gifts out of love, so, keep them I shall. I’ve been asked why don’t I just trash those gifts – but seriously? Trash an R2D2 Xbox? ummm…NO!?!? I might be a little crazy, but NOT that crazy!!

Packing and moving can bring out many emotions – if it’s a good move, it can be an adventure – still a chore, but, one that holds a much better destination – perhaps a new beginning? A new house? A new country? If it’s a move made out of necessity – like because of separation/divorce, then it’s usually not a happy adventure – it’s filled with dread and the fear of the unknown.

The only way I can pack/move is if I do it one room at a time – it’s overwhelming when you look at a 3 bedroom house completely furnished and decorated – it’s pretty much busting at the seams – yeah, we kinda out grew it…lol…but, it’s about to get downsized quite a bit!! So, overwhelming and daunting this chore may be, it needs to get done and done properly so, one room at a time…got my music on, got bubble wrap that I am trying so hard to not sit and pop…lol…and got plenty of water. Let’s get this done!!


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