Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | September 7, 2013

Rear Ended…

So yesterday I was back at work – not feeling it really…just got home from Atlanta and was just wanting to do nothing…you know that feeling right? Anyways, one of my personals called for a ride to get her hair done and after she was done, I picked her up. We were chatting and just driving along and I came to a stop at a red light. All of a sudden…BAM!!! I heard the squealing tires and saw smoke from behind me but couldn’t say anything before the car behind me smacked into me. I was soooo ticked. How could they not stop in time? I was at a complete stop, blinker on – what was there to miss??

After asking my passenger if she was ok, I got out and saw that the car behind me had been rear ended by another car, forcing her to rear end me. Oh delightful!!! By the time I had gotten out of my car, a cop who had been across the street and had seen the whole thing had made his way over to his and started the process of getting us back on the road. My vehicle (a van) had minimal damage to the bumper, the car behind me had smashed headlights and the rear bumper needed some attention. The third car (the driver at fault), well…her car was totaled. She called her Mom, the second driver called her Dad…I had my passenger to talk to, but, I did call the office and of course, my dh who offered to come out but, I told him the cops were there so all was ok. But, my neck was really hurting – I didn’t think it had been that big of a hit, but, I remember getting jerked back and forth. My passenger was hurting as well which really upset me as I try to be a careful driver.

Two other cops showed up to help first cop with the paperwork and as he was handing us papers and our id’s, we found out the at fault driver was driving without a license or permit. She had admitted to taking the test and failing and was going the next day to retake it. I couldn’t believe it. WHY was she on the road? Her passenger was only 20 so she should not have been driving period. In VA if you are caught driving on a suspended license or without one, you could get fined up to $2,500 and possibly 1 year jail time. She didn’t even get a ticket!!! Oh and she admitted that her breaks weren’t working that well?!?!?!?!

soghdhwioajgiejugthrehaigh – are all the bad words I can’t type…lol…

Anyways, after 30 minutes I was finally able to leave and take my passenger home and I kept apologizing cause I really felt bad but she kept saying ‘it’s not your fault…it was her fault’ – which I appreciated but…sigh…still…

So, I drove home and asked dh if he would ride back with me to turn cab in and pick up my personal car – my head was pounding and my neck was really hurting…dd rode with us…he took us to dinner at Tripps, thinking that would cheer me up, but, by that time I had totally lost my appetite and was shaking. After I ate, I had trouble breathing and was dizzy and nauseous and seriously running a hot body temp – my skin was clammy and sweaty, my head tingled and my legs felt numb – I really thought I was going to pass out – after about 10 minutes or so (seemed like an eternity) I started to feel better, but, still very worn out and wobbly on my legs. We made it home – dh wanted to take me to the ER but I refused – and I just crashed on the bed – a couple hours later I was able to get up and still felt worn out and sore, but, my breathing was ok and my chest didn’t hurt. I think I slept a little that night.

Saturday I ended up going to Urgent Care and they said I had ‘neck strain’ and prescribed pain meds and muscle relaxants and told me to rest – Sunday I woke up and couldn’t even look over my right shoulder – so, two days of not working = no money and oh yay, doctor bills…sigh…grumble…

And yes I am very thankful that everybody walked away from that accident…now I get to deal with lawyers and insurance companies…sigh…


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