Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 19, 2013

Unplanned Day Off…

Soooooooo this morning I called to get a cab and guess what? There are no cabs available for the rest of the day!! NONE?!?! ALL DAY?? I’m speechless…I am always able to get a cab by 9am and I’ve seen cabs on the lot around noon so…I’m just wondering…what the heck??

Not to mention that I have several personals to pick up today – well, not now I guess…sigh…so I’m wondering, what’s the point of having personals if I can’t pick them up when they call?? If I had planned on taking the day off, that woulda been different, but, I always work on Fridays, so, this is kinda…unusual for me…hhhmmmm…

So now, I get to work on all those things I said I was going to – oh yes, without getting distracted by the kitties, or dd, or dh who is working from home today or the tv…hmmm…might have to lock myself in my office and not stray until dinner…lol…or I could just cave and enjoy my unplanned day off and go to the movies…lol…


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