Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | July 12, 2013

Cab Driving Blog…

So, I have been thinking of starting a blog for my job. As most of you know, I started a new job on Feb 1 of this year and was trying to settle into a routine since the days were long – 12 hours!! I wanted to spend time with my family and not wear myself out…lol…I think I succeeded in that area, although now I’m working 5 days straight – 12 hours each day…yeah, long, but, right now, it’s ok.

A couple of friends suggested I start a blog about my job. I have been thinking about it, seriously. My netbook doesn’t offer me the screen size or selection when I blog in my car, so, I might have to just start a handwritten journal and then transfer to online blog later. I know, extra work, transferring from handwritten to online, but, it can be done.

Anyone else keeping a work blog?



  1. Check out my blog, it’s mostly about cab driving. I work mostly on weekends, Thursday-Saturday but I work day and night on those three days, so I end up working about 40-48 hours per week. We don’t really have shifts, we lease the car for 24 hrs at a time. We can take it home and keep it until we get ready to turn it in and take some days off. I’ve been driving almost 3 years now and I still find things that surprise me. There are many downsides to this job but boredom isn’t one of them. It’s probably the least boring job I’ve ever had.


  2. BTW, I keep a spiral notebook in the car at all times. If something remarkable happens I write it down immediately so I don’t forget the details.


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