Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | June 26, 2013


So, dd and I have a thing for yard sales – we can spend all morning going from yard sale to yard sale and then we go home, giddy with our treasure.  Well, this past Saturday was the first yard sale we’ve been too in months and we were armed with pockets of $1 and tennis shoes.  We were surprised when we pulled up to one yard sale.

There were boxes of Superman memorabilia.  My dd is a Batman fan, but, she couldn’t pass on the Superman goodies.  The home owner came outside and shared with us that she had decided to give up her Superman collection in favor of more room for her nutcracker collection.

I’m not sure that I could give up my collections.  I have several different collections – from snow babies to masks.  My dd is starting her own collections.  I can understand running out of room for certain collections but, I find that collecting things make me happy and bring me enjoyment.

How about you?  Do you collect anything?  Could you get rid of any of them?



  1. Heck yes! DO I collect? I still have 1,400 vinyl albums in pristeen condition, maybe a 100 or so angels, a couple hundred books, carnival/depression glass of every hue, every room has framed art, lots of statues and museum replicas (it IS like a museum here), my garage features all kinds of automobilia and the backyard is blessed with lots of flowers. Every now and then I consider minimizing the angels and glass. But I love the stuff that makes my home– home!


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