Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | April 8, 2013

Who is your favorite Catwoman?

I LOVE Catwoman!!!  Always have – so hence my surprise when I found out that Julie Newmar was the original Catwoman in the TV series – alas she wasn’t in the movie.

So, while I did enjoy all the other Catwomen, they were all sleek, sexy, naughty and all had catlike qualities, I have to say that, Julie Newmar is my favorite.

She was just…well…meeeeooowwwww…lol…

After her I’d have to say Michelle Pfeiffer.

So, who was your favorite Catwoman?  and…why??




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  2. Michelle Pfeiffer gets my vote.
    Selina Kyle and her alter ego form one of Michelle’s darkest and most complex characters, an amazing amalgam of anger, sadness, humour, sex appeal and raw physical power.
    Selina’s transformation from mousy secretary to furious feline is one of Pfeiffer’s finest hours. Michelle is Catwoman, hear her roar!


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