Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | April 5, 2013

Playing with the Kitties…

I love playing with my kitties.  They amuse me.  I love how their cheeks get all fat when they concentrate on playing…lol…I just spent some time playing with them and Easter grass…they enjoyed playing tag with it and seemed to pout when I stopped playing.

I was surprised when Shadow started playing – I was playing with Onyx and then Shadow showed up and wanted to play as well – she has since left me for the food bowl but Onyx is sitting next to me, waiting for me to play again…gotta love the kitties!!

Time does pass rather quickly when you are playing with the kitties.  I can get sidetracked playing fetch with Onyx and before I know it, none of my planned activities for the day has gotten done…lol…oh well…the kitties do keep me amused that’s for sure!!!



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  2. I’m always amazed when people say that cats don’t play with people…what? Must be someone who has never been owned by a cat!


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