Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | March 26, 2013


Ughhhh allergies suck!!  lol  For the past week (almost two!!!) I’ve had sore throat, coughing, sneezing, stuffy head, congestion, cold then hot, sniffles…enough is enough!!! I worked one day last week and then I gave up.  Nobody wants to ride with a driver that’s coughing up her lungs or sounds like a frog…ha ha…  It’s supposed to be SPRING!!! I wanna be outside playing in my flower beds – well, I technically don’t have any but would like to make some and plant pretty flowers!!!!

I thought I had gotten over the sniffles but oh no, they have decided to stick around for a while longer!!!  I was feeling so much better over the weekend and was able to attend the local anime con (which was a blast and a success!!!) and I was able to work yesterday – I don’t wanna over do it and have a relapse so today I’m planning on staying home making some more hats!!!  YAY!!

Oh great…my ears just popped…now I feel like the earless bunnies on the Easter cards… ‘what?’ ‘huh?’ …lol…


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