Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | March 12, 2013

New Job!!

Sooooo…where have I been you ask?  I’ve been working – outside the home.  No, I didn’t open a store front for my super cute hats…smile…not yet anyways…lol…no, I decided to really step outside my sandbox and started driving a cab.  Yup, I am a taxi driver – starting to feel like I am also a therapist…lol…enter my cab…spill your life story…I offer tissues and an understanding nod or two…smile…

Well, I did this a long time ago – back in my 20’s actually.  I enjoyed it then and not surprisingly, I am enjoying it now.  I’ve met a lot of really interesting people – including several fellow writers and a fellow anime lover.  I went thru a week of trying to figure out a schedule that worked for me.  I wanted to be home in the evenings so I went from the 10am – 10pm shift to the 6am – 6pm shift.  Not liking the 5am alarm but, I get to be home with the family so it’s worth it.

No, this isn’t my dream job, but, until I can publish the next best seller or sell a ton of FurrVille items, I’m doing what I gotta do to survive…who knows…maybe I’ll write a cab confessions type blog…story…book…the ideas are endless!!!



  1. In what city do you drive? I have been driving in Birmingham, AL for a little more than two years. It’s been interesting and fun but also weird and scary at times. Read some of the stories on my blog and see if you have experienced anything similar.


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