Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | February 17, 2013

Weekend Off…

This weekend I took off from work and am spending it relaxing and with my dd.  I really needed the time off to recharge my batteries and to prevent myself from getting burned out.  I don’t think anyone should work 7 days a week – do you?  I know a lot of people who work 6 or 7 days a week – I myself have been guilty, but, as I have found out, you get tired and worn out and oh yes, burned out.  You start to lose interest in the job and start feeling guilty that you are spending too much time away from family/friends – yourself.

So, I took two days off and yesterday dd and I went to the movies – we saw ‘Beautiful Creatures’ – it was good – forbidden love, magic – of course it was good!!  …lol… anyways, after the movie, which by the way, we indulged and had popcorn, candy and soda – yum!!, we had lunch and walked around the mall.  It was GREAT.  First time in a looooooong time that I could walk around the mall and not feel so stressed out.  We came home and I indulged in a cat nap…and yep, my kitten joined me…lol…

Today is day two of my relaxing weekend – I dunno what we are gonna do, but, I know I’ll be relaxing and ohhhhh…maybe we’ll go get our nails and hair done!!!  That sounds like fun!!!  Tomorrow (Monday) dd has off from school but I am back to work so I am going to enjoy my weekend to the fullest.

Have a great weekend!!!


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