Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | February 8, 2013


It’s been awhile since I’ve written…today I’m not working (day job) and thought I’d catch up on some stuff.  Facebook…sewing…blogging…laundry (again!!)…cleaning…etc…you know, the really *fun* stuff – sometimes I’d rather go to day job than stay home and clean!!  …lol…

So anyways, the Ravens won the Super Bowl – can I get a woot woot!!??  I heard all about the game and how they lost power for what, 30 minutes?  Some say the 49ers needed that break…lol…I heard it was a close game in the end…but…the Ravens held on and pulled it off…they go home the winners…remember, there can be only one!!

I went to the doctor earlier this week and she put me on high blood pressure medicine – she checked my blood pressure four times!!! and it was 170/92 – she asked me why and what was going on – can we say STRESS???  I mean, seriously, who isn’t stressed right now with the economy sucking and no jobs on the horizon – oh yes, I hear all the time that there are jobs…ummm…unless you wanna sell life insurance or health insurance or cars, no, I haven’t found a job for me…yet…sigh…so yes, doctor, I blame my every day headaches and high blood pressure on stress…she put me on a low dose of meds, but, whatever…if it will help then fine…she also put me on anti-depression meds – the only thing I can say about those is, hey, I like the energy!!  That def gets a woot woot from me!!! I haven’t felt energized in quite some time – unless I drink an energy drink and that doesn’t last for long…but…the meds are helping…I think…could be a mental thing…I’m told they are supposed to help so maybe I’m *thinking* they are…hhhmm….could be I’m over thinking it all…lol…

Then I didn’t have internet for two days, yes the same two days I wasn’t working day job!!! ARGH!!!  That was frustrating all by itself!!!  But now I am happy to say, I have internet again!!!  We got a new router and she’s purring like a kitten…lol…

Anyways, I tons of new things going on in my life and of course, the same old stuff is still going on as well…lol…I have missed you guys and I promise that I will try harder to find time to write again.


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