Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 22, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII

Well…my team (Miami Dolphins) didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, but that’s ok – cause neither did the Cowboys!!  lol  …On February 3, 2013, two teams will face off for Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans.  Now, I’m not a very big fan of football but, it’s something about Super Bowl Sunday that kinda makes a person…not hyper…but…excited perhaps?  I mean, you’ve got two teams that have fought and climbed and beaten how many other teams to get to this moment and as in the movie, Highlander, there can be only!!

Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers will meet on the field and only one team will walk away a winner.  I don’t care which team wins, so, I wish them both much luck.  Then the season will be over and all the teams will go back to their respective cities/states and practice practice practice…hoping that come football season they will be better, faster, more organized and this battle for the coveted title ‘Super Bowl Winners’ will start all over again.

I am sure many of my friends are going to have a Super Bowl party – I have often thought about doing that – just cause it would be fun and lots of yummy food!!!  May the best team win!!!




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