Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 19, 2013

Mars Con…

So today I lived in the sci-fi world.  Well, just for the afternoon anyways.  I went to Mars Con – a local sci-fi con held in Williamsburg – with the family.  We got to see Darth Vader…Capt Reynolds (Serenity)…Storm Troopers…Klingons and even the Queen of Hearts…and more!!!  There were also lots of other non sci-fi characters running around.  We didn’t cosplay – it was our first time at this con and even though all three of us have Steampunk outfits, we really didn’t think about bringing anything with us.  dd and I weren’t feeling good anyways, so, dressing up didn’t appeal to us.

Mars Con had a decent sized Dealer’s Room and I was pleasantly surprised to run into many different types of authors.  I had a blast talking with them and discussing their books and ideas and oh boy do I wish some of them lived closer!!  …lol… One author came all the way from Florida!!! WOW…what a drive!!!

The Artists Alley had some awesome pieces – from jewelry to art to Dr Who!!!  One of my favorite artists (Sarah Clemens) had several pieces up – Magnus and Loki – ohhh I love these guys!!!  If you haven’t seen them, check them out…you will love them too!!!  They are a dragon and cat duo…AWESOME!!!

So today I got to take a picture with a Storm Trooper and Darth Vader and chit-chat with like-minded authors and relax with the family.  I so enjoy people watching and taking pictures of fellow cosplayers.  That’s my kinda relaxation!!!


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