Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 16, 2013


Migraines are vicious…they are mean…they are unforgiving…they drive me NUTS.  I suffer from migraines and sometimes they are so bad I am nauseous and have to stay in a dark room – sometimes with a cool towel across my eyes.

I have found that sometimes chocolate, hamburgers and chicken can trigger migraines.  And of course, if I go to bed with a headache, it’s usually a guarantee I’ll wake up with one…sigh…Monday morning I felt a migraine coming on and it was a bad one – had me laying down most of the day – none of the medicines I took helped at all.  Not a good day…sigh…

Today it’s a dull ache – I think today is more because of the rainy weather – ARGH!! I’m not a rainy, cloudy day person at all.  Def looking forward to warmer weather!!!  and sunny days!!!



  1. Get well soon, my fellow Creative. This too shall pass.


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