Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 12, 2013

Book Lovers Weekend in Texas…

A fellow writing friend of mine is hosting a Book Lovers Weekend in Texas.  
 Feel free to contact her if you are interested.
Sounds like FUN!!  I wish I could join you all – have a blast!!!

The weekend of March 15th will see book lovers flocking to Belle Oaks Inn and Boothe House to spend a few glorious days reveling in books — through reading, talking, eating, and swapping.

I’m putting together a “swag bag” for each guest that I hope will include copies of books, bookmarks, buttons, and other promotional items all related to books. If you are interested in providing a book or promotional item for the gift baskets, please contact me privately. I could have up to 20 guests if I fill all rooms (I will be heavily promoting this through our e-mail list and FB page). I am happy to return any unused items to you once the weekend is over.

There will also be a lunch on Saturday, March 16th, for our guests and for book lovers in the community who would like to attend. If you are an author in or near South Central Texas and would be interested in speaking to a group of readers (through a very informal and conversational lunch), please contact me privately.

Feel free to pass on my e-mail to any other authors you know who you think would be interested in either joining us that weekend or providing a book or item for the gift bags.

Thanks so much!


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