Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 10, 2013

Nicknames for Family Members…

Sooooo, I was just online reading a new blog I found and I loved the page name and I really liked that the writer had a pet name for her dh (for those who don’t know, dh stands for darling hubby or…yes, sometimes even dang hubby…lol…).  That got me to thinking….I usually use dh for my hubby and dd (darling daughter) for my daughter…but now…I am thinking I might have to get creative!!!

I’ve seen other fellow writer’s use pet names for their family members…I really like that.  I always get a kick out of the nicknames and so…now I’m thinking…my hubby is a computer geek…an IT guy…no, I don’t wanna call him ‘IT’…lol…and my dd is a lil artist…oh yes, she gets all that awesome talent from moi of course!!!  …lol… she is also a cranky teen…sigh…

hmmmmm…I’m thinking…I’m thinking…I’m thinking…nope, got nothing.  What about you?  How do you refer to your family members, if, you write about them or mention them in any of your writings?



  1. I often refer to my son as X – we call him that in real life so it works. Don’t have anything for my husband.


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