Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 7, 2013

Pictures and Friends…

Isn’t it funny how when you see certain pictures/items you think of your friends or family?  Like…when I see wolves, Jack Skeleton, Batman or Kingdom Hearts, I immediately think of my dd, Cat.  When I see gothic stuff, I think of my writer friend, Raven  (and dd…lol).  When I see Wizard of Oz, I think of my friend Carrie…when I see romantic stuff or inspirational stuff, I think of my photographer friend, Angela …when I see grumpy pixies or fairies, etc, I think of my artist friend, Jesi …when I see Eeyore, I think of my Mom…see my point?

Now that I’m thinking this way, it’s kinda of amazing.  All of these different pictures/items make me think of my friends/family.  It doesn’t mean I only think of them when I see certain pictures/items.  I think it’s great that I am fondly reminded of them every so often.  It usually makes me smile and well, hey, a smile will do anyone some good during their day!!!

How about you?  Are thoughts of people triggered when you see certain pictures or items?


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