Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | January 3, 2013


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the store, Spencer’s!!! I remember going in as a teen and feeling very naughty for looking at the LOVE lotions and the edible panties…lol…oh and the flavored condoms.  And when I got a job and was able to buy my own stuff, oh yes, Spencer’s was a frequent shop on my list…lol…

Tonight my dd and I went into Spencer’s and ohhhh wow!!! They had the biggest collection of Batman stuff for any Batman lover.  I found a Batman lava lamp!!!  AND a SMURFS lava lamp!!!  …lol…  I have to say, the Smurfs lava lamp would be cute in my office…might have to go back and get one now…lol…so yes, my dd is a Batman fan and she loaded up pretty good!!!  Most def NOT a store to go into AFTER Christmas!!!  Talk about going broke!??!!?  …lol…

So if you haven’t had the chance to go into a Spencer’s…you really really should!!!  They have more than Batman stuff and more than lava lamps…lol…


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