Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | December 27, 2012

Life is like a box of Candy?!?!

Don’t you just love when you are responding to a friend and what you write to them becomes your blog piece for the day…lol…

A fellow writer friend (hi Angela!!) was writing a response to someone who wanted to know how she writes every day – what does she write about, etc and Angela responded ‘The world is your oyster!’ and I responded with this lil nugget…lol…

“Every day is like a box of chocolates – every piece is different…sometimes you get yummy dark chocolate and then sometimes you get mushy cream filled – just depends on how you look at it :)”

And it’s true.  I don’t like mushy cream filled chocolate but I love chocolate clusters or the rich creamy chocolate – mmmmmm…might have to go get a box this evening…lol…

So to me, life is like a box of chocolates.  Every day (piece of candy) is different and sometimes you have a great day (get a yummy piece of candy) and then sometimes you have a crappy day (get a mushy piece of candy).  Unless of course you buy a whole box of yummy candy in which case, well, my lil nugget doesn’t work so well…lol…


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