Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | December 17, 2012

8 Days til Christmas…

Today starts the house cleaning for the holidays.  I did spend a day couple weeks ago cleaning but not like I did today or what is yet to come.  I really hate chores…lol…I normally do the bare minimum of cleaning, but, when relatives are due to arrive, yeah, the house gets ‘the’ cleaning.  The type of cleaning where if you dropped something on the floor you could still eat – well, should you want to…lol…

I have two indoor kitties and they tend to run and hide when I clean.  Today was no different – although, I did have the window open in the dining room and both kitties were curled up there all day…lol…

Both my dd and my dh know that when it’s this time of year they had best stay out of my way and NOT make a mess cause if they do, momma ain’t happy!!!  …lol…  I’m thinking of making cookies tomorrow…hmmmm…would def make the house smell good!!!

8 days



  1. Just reading your title got me all excited and happy!I thank you for that!


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