Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | December 12, 2012

13 Days til Christmas…

This evening my brother in law came over and put up my inflatable Christmas Tigger and my three light up deer outside – didn’t even ask…just said that it didn’t seem like Christmas without Tigger up.  I had been asked by several neighbors about Tigger, they are used to it being up either before Thanksgiving or that weekend.

Easy answer.

I just didn’t feel like it this year.

I agree though, it didn’t seem like Christmas without my usual decorations outside…those are the every year faithful decorations.  I’m used to having more up, but, those specific items are always up, no matter what other decorations I have or don’t have.

I’ve spent many nights gazing at other houses all lit and bright with their holiday cheer.  My heart isn’t in it this year.  It hasn’t been for four years really…not since my sister died in 2008.  But, for the past couple of years I have tried to get in the spirit.  Last year I got the news right after Thanksgiving that I was being laid off from my job of almost two years.  Christmas spirit?  Bah humbug was more like it.  This year right after Thanksgiving I got news that my unemployment was ending a month earlier than I had planned.  Again, bah humbug.

Nobody really wants to hear grumpy thoughts or sad memories around this time of year.  I get that…so I tend to do what I always do…keep things bottled up inside and just deal with it.  Sometimes though, when nice suprises like my brother in law putting my yard decorations up without a word from me happen, you just can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy and slowly, a smile dances across your face and you feel a little nudge toward holiday cheer.

13 days




  1. You know you have friends with open ears regardless of the time of year! Complain away, we understand!


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