Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | December 8, 2012

17 Days til Christmas…

So, today was the first day of a weekend long craft show.  I am so very proud of myself for taking the steps to do this and this morning as I was setting up my table with fellow artists around me, I felt like I belonged.  I was thrilled to be next to one of the artists that was on the tv show with me on Wed and even more thrilled when I was warmly greeted by other artists present on the tv show.

dd was with me the whole day and dh brought food around lunch and dinner.  It worked out perfectly.  I met a lot of awesome people, made money…lol…and felt pride in myself and so loved hearing the words ‘I am proud of you’ from both dd and dh.  Lots of holiday artists and tons of soap/bath/candle/jewelry makers.

Now, I’m off to get some much-needed sleep so I can have a bright smile when I do this all over again tomorrow.

17 days

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