Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | December 2, 2012

23 Days til Christmas…

I wasn’t really planning on doing a countdown til Christmas post…but…I dunno…I kinda felt like it…so here ya are!!!  Today I was out running errands with dd and hubby and every store we went into was decorated for Christmas and crowded by tons of shoppers.  I can remember as a kid going out with my Dad and sister to do ‘family shopping’.

We each got $20 and had to buy four presents with that – we couldn’t go over.  I was three years younger than my sister and of course, had no idea what a budget meant!!  I would pick stuff and put in the cart thinking I had done something wonderful only to get told that, yep, I had gone over the budget and to ‘redo’.  I remember getting pushed to hurry up by my sister who was done and ended up helping me pick presents out…lol…

That kinda took the fun out of shopping for me.  I mean, I understand (don’t like!!) the whole budget concept and even now I keep within (sort of) my budget.   But it’s HARD!!  Even now it’s hard for me to stay within my budget – especially when I see something that I just know would make somebody happy.  I just gotta get it!! Budget be damned!!  …lol…

How about you?  Are you good and stay within your budget, no matter what?  Or are you kinda flexible with your budget?

23 days





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