Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | November 30, 2012

Christmas Trees…

So this morning I was online and saw that a friend was decorating the tree tonight with her family and a discussion was started about what type of tree was it.  Meaning, how was it being decorated.  And it got me to thinking.  We have a pretty green tree that spins and has a pretty gold and cream-colored animated angel on top.  It has gold balls wrapped around it instead of the normal ribbon material.  I have family ornaments on it, ornaments dd made in school, all colored and style ball ornaments – it’s 100% us.  And the tree skirt is Winnie the Pooh in a snow scene – only cause I couldn’t find an all Tigger one…lol…that skirt has been under our tree for over 10 years now so I don’t really see us getting a new one…lol…

My dd on the other hand, has a 4ft black tree with red lights on it and has gothic themed ornaments on it in her room.  It’s very pretty.  She does have some non-gothic ornaments on it, but, for the most part, it’s all gothic.  From the Skelanimals to gothic Tinkerbell.  She doesn’t have a tree topper on it because she hasn’t found a gothic topper she likes yet – I was thinking of putting a black bow on top with streamers coming down…lol…

I think decorating trees in your own style is awesome.  It doesn’t have to be decorated in a religious theme or what some people would consider proper.  I love trees that are done for YOU.  I can remember two years ago, a friend telling me that the year her two brothers died, her Mother had decorated one of her trees in their favorite colors.  That is simply awesome!!

So, how about you?  How is your tree decorated?



  1. Because our space is so small, we use lit garland and add ornaments. This year we’re doing a gothic theme.


  2. Sorry about the multiple comments but just after I hit return I had a thought – we’re making red and black stars. I bet you could alter one for your daughter’s tree topper. Email me and I can send you the pattern.


  3. […] Christmas Trees… ( […]


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