Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | November 22, 2012

NaBloPoMo – Day 22

I’m ready for the holiday commercials to end.  How about you?  It’s crazy!!! I know they have to advertise their sales, but, geez…enough is enough!! I think I counted the same commercial like 30 times in less than 30 minutes – then again, I coulda miss some cause I got up every so often, so really, who knows how many times the same commercial is shown??

And as far as stores being open on Thanksgiving Day!?!?  Nope…nah uh…they should be closed…we should all be at home spending time with our families and friends.  Not working and dealing with customers who are looking for ‘the right deal’.

I don’t mind going out on Black Friday – for lunch or for just walking around…but not seriously shopping…sides, most of my shopping, if not all of it, is done online.  I don’t like dealing with crowds or long lines.  Oh and parking!?!??!  Nah…I will sleep in on Friday and might go out after lunch…or who knows…I might stay at home the whole day in my pj’s and watch movies!!!


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