Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | November 21, 2012

NaBloPoMo – Day 21

Last night at my monthly writer’s meeting (hi everybody!!) we were all discussing our individual goals outside of writing.  Several of us are trying to kickstart our own businesses…myself included.  It was suggested to me to check out Pinterest.  I had thought about it a coupla months ago but didn’t really see the point in doing so.

This morning I signed up on Pinterest and even made a board and put a picture up on it.  YAY me!!  I’m still not 100% about this site.  I haven’t done enough research on it yet to feel comfortable with it but am hoping to tackle that after the holiday weekend.

I’m not sure I understand the whole point behind Pinterest, but, hey, I’m willing to give it a shot!! I mean, seriously, if it’s going to help get my business name out there, hey, I’m game!!  I even read that it was good for writer’s to use as well.




  1. I use pinterest as an organizational tool and a way to share information with others. I haven’t found that it works for me as a business tool except that I can store order information without worrying about accidentally deleting it.


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