Posted by: S. Elisabeth M. Abbott | November 10, 2012

NaBloPoMo – Day 10

Yesterday on the 4 hour drive to DC, I saw a car with a couple of kids in the back…they were laughing and pointing and it got me to thinking.  My sister and I used to play games when we travelled.  ‘I Spy’ was one of our favorite games.  I think because I was younger I wasn’t much of a fun player…lol…now the kids have portable dvd players, built-in video players and of course all the handheld devices so playing games with siblings probably isn’t really all that big a deal.

How about you?  Did you play games with your siblings or friends on long drives?  I can remember my sister constantly asking ‘are we there yet’ and oh yes, that drove my parents nuts so any chance they got to occupy our attention with a game was met with happiness…lol



  1. We played the ABC game (had to find the letters as we drove). We took the same long drive that we soon knew where to find all the letters but we still had fun. Sometimes we’d look for out of state license plates.
    Now we play song title or band games since my boys like music.


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